Funeral insurances for foreigners that can repatriate outside South Africa

Funeral insurance for foreigners such as Zimbabweans and others in South Africa.
Image of Funeral insurance for foreigners such as Zimbabweans and others in South Africa.

Foreign nationals in South Africa who are not insured for funeral services but are looking forward to be insured should not worry since there are funeral insurances for foreigners. There are atleast five funeral insurances for Zimbabweans, Malawians, Lesotho nationals, and other foreign nationals living in South Africa.

Funeral insurances for foreigners living in South Africa are increasing year by year. This is due to the large number of immigrants who have moved to South Africa. Now businessman in the area of funeral insurances are seeing the opportunity.

Let’s take a look at funeral insurances that covers foreigners and repatriate the body to their respective countries.

1. Diaspora Funeral insurance is the first Funeral insurance foreigners

Diaspora Funeral insurance plans are designed specifically for people in foreign countries. This means it doesn’t matter the country you’re in, Diaspora funeral insurance will cover you and your family.

For foreigners in South Africa, Diaspora funeral insurance plan is the best plan. They repatriate to any foreign country from South Africa if you are under their funeral covers.

According their specifications of countries to repatriate to, they said, “The majority of the people avail themselves of a Funeral Services Company’s services to do repatriations in any neighboring countries of South Africa or, in fact, anywhere.”

For more information about Diaspora Insurance click on the hyperlink.

2. Doves Funeral cover is the second on the list

Doves Funeral Cover is also the best in terms of funeral plans for foreign nationals in South Africa. They cover you for exhumations, cremation & chapel facilities, repatriation (national & international) and other basic funeral services.

Under their repatriation frequently asked questions they said, “Doves provide transport for human remains from the place of death to the place of rest within the borders of South Africa and to the neighboring countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland. This service is also available to National Contracts and Corporates.”

For Zimbabweans living in South Africa there is a special funeral cover called Doves Zimba-Mzansi. It is a funeral and repatriation plan tailored for the Zimbabwe community. It covers yourself and your family residing in South Africa under one policy and ensure that you and your family receive a dignified funeral and repatriation services.

For more information about Doves funeral cover and services visit their website here.

3. The third funeral insurance for foreigners is Zororo Phumulani funeral covers

Zororo Phumulani has become very prominent among Zimbabweans living in South Africa. Most people came to know this insurance when they assisted during Elvis Nyathi’s funeral who was murdered in xenophobic attacks in Diepsloot in South Africa. After his funeral they repatriated his body to Zimbabwe and most Zimbabweans developed interest in joining it.

Zororo Phumulani do cover you, your spouse and your 6 children. The cover is only for Zimbabweans in South Africa and they repatriate the body of your loved one to the country of your choice. They repatriation services depends on your cover plan.

You can be covered from as little as R79 rands with your spouse and children. Visit their website for more information about their services by clicking on the hyperlink.

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4. Kwedu/ Ngekhaya Diaspora Funeral Plan

Kwedu- Ngekhaya Diaspora Funeral Plan is another funeral insurance that can cover you as a foreigner in Diaspora. Just like Zororo Phumulani, this cover was also made specifically for Zimbabweans in diaspora countries. They cover family members in diaspora countries and those at home in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans living in Southern Africa who sign up for Kwedu/ Ngekhaya can get up to ZAR210 000 for as low as ZAR189/month covering 6 family members, whilst those in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada and others can get up to USD60 000 for only USD23.50/month covering 6 family members.

The conditions of their plan

  • Plan covers anyone from 18 to 65 years
  • Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly , half yearly and on an annual basis in advance
  • Plan does not allow for lump sum injections
  • No medicals required
  • No waiting period for accidental death

Visit their website here for more information.

5. Mukuru funeral policy is our last funeral insurance for foreigners

Mukuru, a financial service provider for foreigners in diaspora has got their subsidiary of funeral insurance for people in diaspora countries. Their funeral plans covers you, spouse, children and additional family members depending on its conditions. The cover is only available in South Africa and is tailored for foreigners and their loved ones at home.

All Mukuru Funeral Cover policies have a cash payout, repatriation and assistance call lines, and have these added benefits:

  • Accidental death benefit.
  • Repatriation to their final resting place anywhere in Africa, of the person insured as well as the spouse and up to 4 children, as listed on the main policy.
  • An option to add extended family (such as your mother, father, siblings or grandparents) on selected policies.

You can visit their website for more information about their services.

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