How to buy Home Connecta Flexi data?

Cell C has introduced new data bundles which are way more cheaper than Telkom’s Mo’Nice Data or Telkom’s LTE Bundles. These Cell C bundles are referred to as Home Connecta Flexi prepaid LTE data bundles.

The bundles ranges from 4GB for R45 to 80GB for only R300 per month which are all prepaid. The datas are divided as daily data and night data this means if you buy 80GB/R300/month, you will receive 40GB day and 40GB night owl which is in total 80GB.

So, in this article we are going to cover how to buy Home Connecta Flexi data bundles on your device. To buy these bundles you will need to follow few easy steps below depending on the platform you will be purchasing these bundles from.


1. Get a Home Connecta Flexi prepaid Sim card
2. Buying bundles via speed dial or USSD Codes
3. Buying bundles online
4. Buy bundles using WhatsApp
5. Buying bundles using Cell C banking app

1. Get a Home Connecta Flexi prepaid Sim card

Step 1

The first thing you will have to do is to buy a new sim card since Home Connecta Flexi data bundles cannot be bought or put in an old Cell C sim card. So, you will need to buy any new cell c sim card and change its tariff to Home Connecta Flexi before you utilize it. This means you must not make a call or send a message with your new Cell C sim card before you change its tariff to Home connecta Flexi.

Step 2

To activate Home Connecta Flexi, you need to buy a new Cell C SIM first. Insert the SIM into a cellphone to request a migration to the LTE tariff plan by dialing: *147# > My Account > Change tariff > Home Connector Flexi.

Step 3

You will receive on-screen confirmation that migration was successful. The migration process is immediate, and you will be able to load airtime or purchase a bundle on

2. Buying Home Connecta Flexi data via speed dial or USSD Codes

Buying bundles via speed dial or USSD Codes is the simplest way or method to buy Home Connecta Flexi data bundles. This method can be utilised even on your small phone that do not have internet. To buy these data using this method please follow the steps below:

  1. You must go on your speed dial by clicking the speed dial button.
  2. Then dial *147*583# and choose option 1 for voice bundles or option 2 for internet bundles.
  3. Note the prices of bundles and load the relevant air time for those data plans.
  4. Repeat step one and two and follow the guidelines to buy the bundles that you like.
  5. Note: the only problem for buying these bundles via Speed dial is the bundles usually ends with 20GB instead of 80GB. So, if you want to buy more than 20GB then follow the steps below.

3. To buy bundles on Home Connecta Flexi bundles online

Buying bundles online is usually something that most data users are not familiar with but if you use cell c then you got to know how. This is because buying prepaid cell c bundles on speed dial limits the amount of data you can buy to 20GB (10GB day and 10GB night) as the maximum data option.

Note that these bundles requires you to use you bank card or other options rather than loading air time to your sim card to buy these bundles.

So, if you prefer to buy more than 20GB for example 80GB then follow the steps below:

  1. Open your browser such as Google chrome or Firefox or Opera mini.
  2. Then in your browser visits cell c website which is!#bundle or simply click on this link.
  3. Once you on Cell c website scroll down to the bottom as shown and click on bundle as shown below. Swipe to the left or right to choose a data option of your choice.
  4. Home Connecta Flexi data
  5. Scroll down a bit!
  6. Home Connecta Flexi bundles Follow the instructions and put on your bank details or other methods. Note this method doesn’t need you to load your sim card with air time.
  7. Or simply visit this link: and put in you phone numbers for your Home Connecta Flexi sim card on the landing page as shown below and follow the instructions.Sim card for Home Connecta Flexi data bundles

4. Buying bundles using WhatsApp

This option requires you to have a WhatsApp registered with the same Cell c phone number. If you use any other network WhatsApp number it wont work.
Now to buy data using WhatsApp you will need to store these numbers “084 4440040” in you contacts and say “Hello” via WhatsApp then follow the guidelines to buy data.

5. Buying bundles using Cell C banking app

This option is currently unavailable as we could not find a relevant Cell C app on play store. But we will update it once we got some information about it.


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